The ALSCHU-Chemie GmbH company based in Westheim / Germany looks back on a 47 - year history.

The foundation stone for this successful business was laid by Alfred Schubart in 1967 – a name which was eventually used as the basis for the company name, Alschu. ...

It all started with soot removers for oil and coal-fired stoves, produced in Alfred Schubart’s own basement. New ideas gradually led to an expansion of the product line and also of the clientèle, culminating eventually in the foundation of today’s head office and Plant I in Westheim.

In 1991 Alschu took over the coal lighter manufacturing plant in Parchim in the German region of Mecklenburg, where it now serves as Plant II.   Plant III in Lübz was added in 1995 on the premises of the former transport service facility and was expanded 12 years later, in 2007, to include the Lübz-Mecklenburg Charcoal Factory.

Today’s Alschu Group occupies production and warehousing facilities totalling over 55,000 square metres. Business expansion made it indispensable to extend the company’s fleet to 8 HGVs, so that customers’ needs could be met more rapidly and Alschu could respond more quickly to the needs of the market.

The brand of ALSCHU-Chemie GmbH, Favorit®, is among the most powerful of its kind on the German market and is globally represented in 25 other countries.

The basic pillars of Alschu’s philosophy are its quality (“Made in Germany”) as well as its flexibility and reliability. The success and ongoing growth of this formerly small company from Westheim in the German Palatinate region are the merit of its founder, Alfred Schubert, together with Sascha Kupper, Christine Schubart and a workforce of over 100.

We hope you had a little insight into our company and its history.